Made in Italy, Includes 25 free pods

$699.00 CAD



The Spinel Lolita is a pod espresso machine that is built for home use. It features new technology, a new design, a newly patented pod-closing system and heat exchanger. The Lolita features several new innovations for pod use in home machines. Because of its patented self-cleaning hydraulic system, you will not suffer the inconvenience of lime-scaling on the infusion group.

The compression closing system of the pod chamber gives complete stability, and the kind of tight compression needed for quality extraction from a pod. And its water tank can be refilled without removing it. The thermostadt is fixed at 90C. Its water tank is 2 liters.

The Spinel Lolita can be ordered in Red, or in White.


  • Free 25 pack of variety of pods
  • Easy to read Users Manual

Spinel Lolita Specifications

  • Uses espresso PODS Only!
  • Water tank holds 2 liters;
  • 8″W X 12.6″D X 14″H (Cup Holder brings it to 15.6″H);
  • 17 pounds;
  • 1400 Watts at 120 Volts

Additional Information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 × 8 × 14 in